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    Which is which?

    Third party SEO Company refused to sign over domain!

    As you may have seen listen on Google, there are two separate domains claiming to be the official site of Boger City Pawn.  We are currently working on getting this issue resolved.  It is common practice with some SEO/Web Design companies to target vulnerable or busy businesses and sell them an overpriced “deal” on SEO services and site design.  This third party SEO company purchased the domain name of “bogercitypawnshop.com” under their name, so it is legally their property.  Notice that the correct site is “bogercitypawn.com” and the incorrect one is “bogercitypawnshop.com”.   This issue happens frequently, and it is the preferred way to do things with companies such as this because it usually results in clients continuing their services.  This SEO company said that the domain they purchased is legally theirs (which is true), and they refused to transfer it to the Fulbright’s hosting account for a reasonable price.  They also refused to termitate the account, forcing Boger City Pawn to take action elsewhere.  This is clearly an attempt to take advantage of the Fulbrights, and the price they offered for the domain is highway robbery.  The site they have listed is next to useless, with inaccurate or incomplete information, irrelevant pictures, no content, no merchandise etc.  We are doing everything in our capability to obtain ownership of this domain name, and when we do it will redirect to the correct site to avoid confusion.  Thank you for your patience in this matter, and be aware of which site you are visiting.


    Thank you.

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